“Why did we have to wait 35 years and let so many children suffer?”

Prof. Raphael Mechoulam realized as a young researcher in the 1960’s, that unlike morphine and cocaine which which were isolated from opium and the coca plant in the 19th century; the active substance of cannabis remained unknown.   

 His curiosity led to an entirely new understanding not only of the various cannabinoids such as THC and CBD found in cannabis, but the receptors, and the human brain endocanabinoid system, with which they interact.   

Unfortunately, not enough research is being done.  Prof. Mechoulam says in this article by Ofer Spottheim in the Jerusalem Post, “35 years ago we did clinical research on cannabidiol (CBD: a major ingredient in cannabis that is not psychoactive) and found that it is an ideal antiepileptic material, but the study was not large enough. Although the findings were not supported by another clinical trial, parents of children who suffer from sever epilepsy have been rushing to Colorado in search of cannabis with high concentration of cannabidiol. Due to public pressure the United States approved a large clinical research and as it turns out what we published then is true. Why did we have to wait 35 years and let so many children suffer? It is completely absurd, because cannabidiol is not a toxic material and has no side effects”.

 Without more research it will be difficult to get physicians to get behind cannabis.  “Doctors, and rightly so” said Mechoulam, “are suspicious of medical cannabis use, because there is not enough research to support the hypotheses”.  Hopefully more public pressure will move the US to do more research on cannabis and its medical benefits… Read More Here